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Comprehensive Talent Matching For All Your Business Needs

Our job is Simply Do Things Right. We seek to understand the needs of employers and job seekers to help bring them together, seeking the perfect match in expertise, skill, and personality. We specialize in the following industries:

  • Food Service (Service Crew, Cooks, Cleaners)
  • Customer Service & Hospitality (Housekeeping, Reception)
  • Retail (Sales Staff)
  • Entertainment (Performers, Service Crew)
  • Financial Service (Insurance Advisors)
  • Construction (Engineers)

We are focused and strong in:

  • Local Recruitment – getting Local candidates
  • Foreign Recruitment – getting Foreign candidates, especially from South Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Myanmar and India (we have staff stationed in Seoul, South Korea)
  • South Korea Job Placement – we have staff stationed in Seoul and have a special arrangement for candidates interested in Retail jobs for luxurious high-end goods in South Korea.

We are well-connected locally and internationally and can provide you with high-quality and high-character people to fill your staff openings. We shall provide the first level of screening to ensure only suitable and willing candidates are selected.

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Our agency specializes in local and foreign recruitment in the food service, customer service, hospitality, retail, entertainment, financial service, and construction. We provide high-quality and high-character candidates, with the first level of screening to ensure suitability.