Work Pass Services


We Handle The Tedious Work So That You Can Focus On Revenue-Making

— Work Pass Application
— Work Pass Management

Logging on to a Singapore website for various Permits and Passes applications (and renewals) can be complex and time-consuming, especially for those who are new to these processes. To support our clients, we have an In-House Developed Foreign Worker On-Boarding System that covers the entire spectrum – permit application, issuance, and collection of passes process. The System reduces human negligence, is more efficient and is convenient for Staff and Customers to track and maintain the procedures of Pass applications.

To further support our clients to overcome the barriers to hiring foreign talents, our team will help your business to plan and track the progress of applications, prepare the proper documentation, liaise with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), and file appeals if necessary.

All our consultants are licensed by MOM and are familiar with the various types of permits and passes processes and regularly keep up to date on the latest relevant regulations. You can just leave the applications part to us, and just focus on your own revenue-generating activities!

Work Pass Application (Employment Pass, S Pass, Work Permit, Dependant’s Pass and Long-Term Visit Pass)

We provide end-to-end Work Pass Application by handling the following process

  • Application of Permit
  • Appeal (if necessary)
  • Issuance
  • Renewal
  • Cancellation

We will:

  • Advising on Pre-application of work pass and gathering the necessary information
  • Collating and Verification of documents according to MOM requirements.
  • Online Filing of application
  • Tracking of application status while under processing
  • Responding to MOM’s requests for additional information, if any
  • Arranging for issuance of work pass card upon in-principle approval
  • Making an e-appointment for to register fingerprints and photo at Employment Pass Service Center or MOM Service Centre
  • Arranging for delivery of the work pass card

    Work Pass Management

    The successful application of the Permit is only the start of a new series of required activities. As such, we also provide Work Pass Management by handling the following tasks:

    1. Purchasing of Security Bond
    2. Purchasing of Foreign Worker Medical Insurance
    3. Purchasing of Work Injury Compensation Insurance
    4. Sourcing for suitable housing
    5. Picking up the Worker from Airport
    6. Opening bank accounts
    7. Sending the Worker for Medical Check-up in our Appointed Clinic or your designated Clinic
    8. Sending the Worker to the Company for Contract Signing and Pre-Work Briefing
    9. Applying Man-Year Entitlement (MYE)
    10. Purchasing of Primary Care Plan (PCP)
    11. Purchasing of Levy Bond
    12. Registering of Construction Safety Orientation Course (CSOC)
    13. Registering of Settling-in Programme (SIP)
    14. Upgrading of Worker from “Basic-Skilled” to “Higher-Skilled”
    15. Purchasing of Air Ticket on behalf of the Company
    16. Monitoring of work pass expiry

    Handling the Repatriation Process (during the Contract or at the end of the Contract)

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    Our licensed expert coupled with In-House Developed Foreign Worker On-Boarding System will provide Step-by-step guidance for the different type of applications. We will analyse profiles to check eligibility, provide checklists for required documents, and assist with drafting professional cover letters. Our experience and professional advice have helped many applicants navigate the process easily.